Prospective Agents shall be required to complete an online application form and pay a Refundable deposit of five hundred Dollars ($500). Payment of the deposit does not guarantee approval of the Agent’s application.

Subject to meeting of all requirements and approval of the Agency application, the Agent agrees to the following express terms & conditions:

  1. The Agent shall diligently facilitate the pre- enrollment of Nigerians in Diaspora as an authorized Agent of BIOSEC.
  2. The Agent shall limit its activities to the agreed country of operation which shall be exclusive to the Agent.
  3. The Agent shall act professionally at all times.
  4. The Agent shall act in utmost good faith at all times and promote the success of the initiative.
  5. The Agent shall in no way exploit the interest of any enrollee under the diaspora pre-enrolment programme.
  6. The Agent shall indemnify and hold BIOSEC harmless against all damages, costs, claims, suits, liabilities, expenses or actions suffered as a result of its actions or inactions whether due to negligence, fraud, misconduct or any non-adherence to the terms and conditions of this arrangement.
  7. BIOSEC reserves the right in its absolute discretion to immediately terminate this Agency for any perceived or observed non-adherence to the above terms and conditions.

Date: 22/09/2023