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  • Welcome to the NIMC pre-enrolment portal

    You are required to go through a 4-part pre-enrolment registration process, please ensure you register and login to start your pre-enrolment process.

  • Step 1: Proceed to NIMC pre-enrolment portal for registration

    Here you are expected to create a login account, after which you will be required to login and complete the forms provided.
    Please ensure you fill accurately

  • Step 2: Print or save your pre-enrolment slip

    You are expected to either print out or save the pre-enrolment slip at the end of the process.
    This slip is an important document to complete your enrolment at any of our nearest enrolment centres.

  • Step 3: Make Payment

    After a successful pre-enrolment, you will be required to make a payment of $50 or its equivalent to complete your National Identification Number registration. This payment can be made via Card or an accredited payment Agent.

    PLEASE NOTE: that as a Nigerian resident in Nigeria, the NIN enrollment IS FREE!.
    Payment only applies to Nigerians in diaspora.

  • Step 4: Schedule an Appointment

    You will be required to schedule an appointment to visit any nearest Enrolment Center to complete your Registration and get a National Identity Number (NIN)

Licensed Partner for National Identification Number (NIN) Enrolment

Welcome to the website for enrollment of National Identification Number (NIN) for National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), Nigeria. Biosec Solutions has the mandate from NIMC amongst service providers to enrol Nigerians into the National Identity database. For more information on the diaspora enrolment, click here

Make Payment

Click "Proceed" to make Payment for the NIN enrolment

Locate a Centre

Locate a National Identity Number Enrolment Centre nearest to you

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For Frequently Asked Questions or an enrolment process guide?

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Agent Login

Authorized Payment Agents can login here to receive payment.

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We currently have enrollment centres in Germany, Italy, and Austria. Feel free to contact Nigerians In Diaspora Organization (NIDO) for more information.